Our Artificially Inseminated Sires consist primarily of ABS Global genetics. I have had great success with some of the best carcass genetics in the industry. Carcass quality has always been the sole driver, as well as production, maternal aspects and docility. I evaluate carcass data and production weights from each crop, and make necessary adjustments to improve every year. Our beef industry is forever changing, and the average cattle will struggle in the tough years. Maintaining and improving quality will be a huge aspect in survival of the future.  

I prefer to use the best available genetics for the benefit of my business and my customers.  Highly accurate sires available through Artificial Insemination help me produce a consistent and valuable end product.  Our AI Sires are selected primarily from ABS Global genetics. We have made tremendous progress and seen great success over many generations by selecting for traits that are the most important to our business and to our customers.  

Reserve is a Purebred Angus bull that I have used for the past 4 years.  I have collected data myself on his performance, carcass, and maternal traits, as well as what they have collected in the sire Alliance data from Circle A.  He is one of the most balanced bulls that I have bred with.  His feed efficiency data is outstanding, as well as his maternal index.  He is proven to make great cows, as well as quality steer calves.  

Boulder is a Simm/Angus bull that is new for me this year.  He is by Hoover Dam -- a bull I have had good success with.  Boulder caught my eye with his strong carcass traits, as well as his calving ease direct numbers.  I used him on several of my yearlings and Purebred Angus Cows.

VAR Foreman is a young bull that I am trying, primarily for his carcass traits.  He doesn't have a lot of accuracy just yet, but has a lot of potential.  He is out of a great Dam and Sire, with a lot of feed efficiency in his background.  I have high hopes that he will produce some high marbling cows. 

Multitool is a new bull I am using this year.  I have used his sire in the past, and had great success with him.  Multitool was in the top 20% of Total Profit Index in the Circla A data.  He has a low birthweight and a high calving ease Direct number.  I used him on several of my Yearling heifers.  



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