Our criteria for selecting and breeding heifers is rather strict. Generally, the heifers are raised and developed along with the old IHDP (Illinois Heifer Development Program) guidelines. The program has been idle for several years now, but the rules and regulations for the program are still available and follow along with good management and criteria. The heifers are all hand selected throughout the summer following weaning. They are backgrounded on grass and handfed protein and energy supplements daily. Leading up to breeding all heifers are pelvic measured with a reproductive track score before synchronizing begins. The heifers are all artificially bred to an easy calving bull on day 1. 14 days later a herd bull will run with them for 45 days. We pregnancy check at day 30 with a blood test to determine the A.I. conception. Our farm holds its bred heifer groups to a pretty high standard. We expect unassisted births as well as females that will breed back easy and maintain sustainability.

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