Slykhuis Farms has been raising cattle for 45 years. Our goal has always been focused on quality by using the top carcass bulls in the industry. We see a lot of uniformity in our calves, and we have hard data to back it up. All of the cattle are ultrasound checked for a marbling score and a yield grade on the first of January. We sort only the top marbling calves for freezer beef. This assures that all of the animals will be consistent and of top quality. Our cattle are finished in a state of the art monoslope barn which allows them to be under roof and provides for maximum comfort and efficiency. They are sold for processing at 12-13 months of age. The animals are all corn fed, which adds more marbling and tenderness to the processed beef. This is one reason you will see a difference in our fresh beef vs. store bought beef. It is going to be more flavorful. Fresh always tastes better. All of the animals are born and raised on our farm according to Beef Quality Assurance guidelines. The beef is processed locally and dry aged for 14 days. This allows it to increase in tenderness and adds a beefier flavor to the meat. We believe that the freezer beef you buy from Slykhuis Farms is of the best quality you can find. This also gives you an assurance of where your food comes from and how it was raised. Buying in bulk will save you money, especially if your family likes steaks and roasts as well as ground beef. The processed meat is sold in portions of ¼, ½, ¾, or a whole beef. An average hanging weight for a whole beef would be around 800lbs. The calving season for our cows is once a year in the months of January-February, therefore the  season for  freezer beef is once a year in the months of February and March.  Please give us a call for up-to-date pricing.

*To place an order or ask about pricing, contact Angela Slykhuis in the office at 618-841-2113 or

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