A balanced diet is critical to raising healthy, productive cattle that provide wholesome and nutritious beef to our customers.  I feed Purina® products that are available locally from my farmer-owned cooperative, Southern FS.  I utilize a team approach to nutrition, relying on experts at Southern FS and Purina® to inform my decisions and aid in achieving my herd goals.


Many factors can impact my nutritional management strategies.  Variations in weather and growing seasons affect the quality and quantity of the home-grown forages that make the foundation of my cattle diets.  I communicate regularly with my Purina® nutritionist to ensure that my cows, calves, and growing cattle are receiving a nutritious, balanced diet, utilizing state-of-the-art ration balancing techniques to create sustainable feeding programs and eliminate nutrient waste.  I employ Purina’s® adaptable, industry-leading products that allow my cows to raise healthy calves that thrive and grow into cattle that I am proud to harvest and share... creating many satisfied customers.

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