November 2016 Agri-News Article

2016 has been a productive year for Slykhuis Farms. The pastures were green and lush all year. The crops were good and the moisture was plentiful. The cow herd is as fleshy as it has ever been. We are not used to vegetation being this plentiful. The stockpile of fescue is holding out well. It looks like it will be after the first of the year before we start getting into our hay supply.

The Anaplasmosis has subsided and the cow herd seems to be under control for now. I am still feeding CTC for another 30 days as directed by my nutritionist. It will be a challenge next year to control things like Anaplas with the VFD in place. There have been multiple meetings in our area for producers to help educate them on procedures for adding antibiotic to feed. It looks like there will be quite a lot of paperwork involved. Cattlemen that are not used to keeping records will have a rude awakening with the new guidelines. The records are part of good management and proper stewardship. I am not sure if this government involvement is the correct way to police our management. I recon only time will tell. I have spoken with several Veterinarians on this matter and the first thing they recommended was to get a large file cabinet (this is subject to how big your herd is). Every time you give a shot to an animal (vaccine or antibiotic), make a record of it. Include the animal ID, type of shot, and date. If ever if there is a situation where a State Inspector shows up you will want to have documentation. This will need to go back for 2 years. My cowboys and I always try write down info when we treat animals. We are going to have to be more disciplined about it.


1. a tick-borne disease of cattle and sheep caused by a bacterium (Anaplasma marginale) and characterized especially by anemia and by jaundice

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