December 2016 Agri-News Article

Spring calving is in full swing at Slykhuis Farms. It has felt more like winter calving the last couple of days, but we have always categorized it as “early spring” calving. Most all the cows are due on January 7th, but we have gotten through several early birds the week before. It seems like the more “easy calving” we breed into these cows the shorter the gestation comes out. So far the calves have been healthy and strong.

Last year’s crop is coming along well. We ultra-sounded the entire group last week for carcass evaluation and prediction of when to start the harvest. I had planned to ship the first loads a few weeks later than normal this year. With corn at lower prices now, I was hoping to feed longer and maybe catch a rally in the beef market. Marketing has got to be one of my weaker points. Timing is always a challenge, and NOBODY can predict which way the market will go.

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