June 2017 Agri-News Article

Wow! What a great Summer Conference Illinois Beef put on at Quincy this past month. My wife and I were there for the meetings and the awards dinner, and we were most impressed. The first workshop was with Kent Bacus, NCBA Director of International Trade and Market Access. He updated the group on the current trade dealings with China and neighboring countries. He has a ton of knowledge and it’s great to have him on board in that position. Kim Bremmer was the next speaker. She is a vocal champion of agriculture everywhere she goes, from the grocery store to the airport. She has a dairy background, but her true passion is sharing the real story of agriculture with everyday consumers. She is a great motivational speaker. I have a great passion for beef and what it stands for. These seminars really get me fired up. The leadership staff of IBA did a great job putting this conference together. I have missed the last few years. To be honest, the middle of June is a tough time to get away. We had decided to go regardless of what was happening at the farm this year, and it was well worth it. I thought the best part of the conference was listening to Joni Bucher’s acceptance speech for President of Illinois Beef Association. She has a great vision for beef and the organization. The next couple of years will be exciting.

Back at the farm we had a relatively dry month. We might have logged in 4 inches in total rainfall. Our 3rd cutting of hay was pretty light. This past week the rain finally came in and started to catch us up. Our early corn is starting to tassel. The moisture will make a huge difference on yield. Our local weather forecaster predicted a wetter than average July and we hope he is right.

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