August 2017 Agri-News Article

August has left us in a dry spell in Southern Illinois. We might have squeezed 2 inches of rain, back earlier in the month. The pastures have gone to dormancy and the corn is drying down pretty quick. The grass is still holding out, but it will need some moisture before it starts its fall growth. There have been a few groups of livestock that are getting hay supplement. We hope to rotate to corn stalks by the middle of the month. That will help the fescue to recuperate and put on some growth for winter grazing.

The cow herd has all made a trip through the chute the past few weeks. They received a Lepto booster as well as getting pregnancy checked via blood test. The open cows will all be sorted off in November when the herd is grouped into calving pastures. The blood test is a simple and cost-effective way to pregnancy check cattle. The only drawback is that you have to bring the cows back in and sort the open ones after you get the results back. I plan to label the open cows in my computer program and the system will tell me how to sort them when they come back through.

We have been spending most of August preparing for our Open House. We are hosting a Field Day with Southern Illinois Beef Association September 16th. This is more than just a beef meeting. We are opening this up to all consumers. The concept is to help educate people about the beef industry and how their food is grown. There is an outstanding lineup of speakers and we are serving a steak dinner as well. It is free to attend. This is a win-win situation for everyone. There is an RSVP involved for the steak dinner, so don’t forget to reserve your spot. Check out the SIBA Facebook page and our "From Barn To Plate" page for all the details.

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