October 2017 Agri-News Article

October has brought back some normalcy to our weather. We have had some seasonal cool days and the precipitation has reappeared. It seems like we are still behind on rainfall, but the pastures are active and growing again. It has been a great month for crop harvesting. Most farmers in our neck of the woods have wrapped it up by now. Yields have been surprisingly good. It seems the corn and bean market has reflected on that aspect. It bodes well to have some finishing cattle to feed the corn too. It allows us to make a few extra dollars on the corn bushels.

The monoslope cattle barn is full again and calves are doing well. We moved some of the females inside this month, along with the steers that have been there all summer. The recent rally in the cattle market going into the late fall is setting us up for another productive year in our calf crop. It's a good time to forward price a couple of loads, just for a little insurance.

We had a great opportunity to meet with the Iowa State University Block and Bridle club and give them a tour of our facilities and management this past month. There were 20 undergraduates along with advisors involved in the tour. We discussed management practices along with different aspects of the cattle industry. These students had a great attitude and appreciation of beef cattle and were loaded with questions. They had been traveling for a couple of days and had some stops earlier in the week. It was interesting to hear of different places and management practices, as every operation has their own niche and ways to adapt in their own particular environment and marketing scheme. We all learned from each other. It is always good to discuss management practices with eager, open minds.

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