November 2017 Agri-News Article

November is the month for fall cow work at our farm. The cows are all brought through the chute and processed. We include worming with a scour protection vaccine for the calves that will come after the first of the year. Preg checking was done back in August via a blood test. It was recorded in the cattle program and as they came through and we scanned them with an EID reader and the computer told us who was open (not pregnant). It also told us which cows were having A.I. calves and the ones that were bred by the cleanup bulls. They were sorted accordingly into different groups. That will allow us to manage the calving season easier. We clipped the hair in their ears and replaced any faded ID tags. It is quite an event that involves the whole family. I relish the times we all pitch in to get the job done.

The weather has been tranquil the past few weeks. Our growing season has remained active and the fescue grass has been lush as the early spring. The stockpiled pastures will take some pressure off of the winter hay supply till at least the end of the year.

As we get close to the Christmas Holiday, we reminisce on the highs and lows that occurred throughout the year, and compare it to previous times. We strive to move forward and raise better quality beef and improve on imperfections. Nobody has ever gotten this industry figured out. There are always room for improvements in every fashion. The consumers are asking for a safer and better quality product. It is our job to continue to advance our management and genetics to create a more efficient and superior animal.

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