December 2017 Agri-News Article

Calving season is in full swing at Slykhuis Farms. We have started it with some bitter cold temperatures, but so far it has been more of an issue for the cowpokes than the cows. The turf is dry, that is the main objective. That will help keep the babysitting down to a minimum. We are still operating on long hours, mostly for keeping check on the 2 year old heifers. It can sure be grueling, but there is nothing more gratifying that showing up and seeing a newborn with their head under its momma and its tail wagging around in a circle. That solidifies the theory that calving season is the most rewarding time for a cattleman.

The finishing cattle are starting to bloom and will soon be ready for harvest. We have recently completed the ultrasound work on them. This will give us a good idea on which animals to sort out first.

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