April 2018 Agri-News Article

We remain on the roller coaster ride of weather patterns, but as May arrives it seems to at least be inching some warmer air our way. The cows and crop farmers were getting impatient. It is good to see the grass starting to take off and the daytime temperatures acquire enough heat units to get started drying the soil out. The windows between the rainfall are still short, but a few farmers have knocked the cobwebs off the corn planters. We have been spending our window time getting through the first cutting of fescue haylage. The tonnage has been light so far, but it looks to pick up as May lingers on. We spend the morning working cows and calves through the chute, and the afternoons in the hayfield. The calves are getting their pre-weaning vaccinations, and the cows are getting pregnancy checked via a blood test. This will give me A.I. conception rates. The results have been fair to moderate so far. With the extremity of the elements while getting them synchronized and bred, I question how any of it would have worked. One thing is for certain. As a farmer, we are always at the mercy of the weather conditions.

Todd Slykhuis

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