June 2018 Agri-News Article

June has brought its usual rollercoaster weather events as normal. We were able to squeeze out 3.9 inches over the month, with most all of it coming the last week. It was starting to get really dry out in the pastures. The radar and forecast really didn’t show this. Most of the state has had too much rain. It seemed like we had a dome over our township, and it kept dodging around us. The precipitation has been sporadic all over Southern Illinois, but there were places that was getting 3.9 inches in one setting. It has made it a challenge to get crops started and keep grass growing. Overall the crops look pretty good and the pastures are holding their own.

The heat has kept the stress level high on the new weanlings. There has been several days of excessive heat warnings. The cow herd heads to the trees early in the morning. Any kind of cattle work has been done in the wee hours of the morning before the sun comes up. It is about the only time to move the cows or calves around without creating more issues other than the ones we are trying to prevent. Our cowpokes aren’t keen on the early mornings, but they understand the analogy.

My wife and I was able to squeeze away to IBA Summer Conference this past month and I will attest it was a great conference. The girls from the Springfield office did a fantastic job coordinating some good speakers and I can’t say enough about the food. Wow! We ate way too much. I remember a moment during the awards dinner, my wife, as she was eating an extremely tasty filet, said “When we get home we will have to eat chicken for two weeks”. She meant that we needed to go on a diet. Our table all looks at us like we were from Mars. Maybe not the best comment at a beef conference.

Todd Slykhuis

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