September 2018 Agri-News Article

We made it to October and the pastures have regained some life. Our farm ended September with 7.3 inches of rain. This was heaven sent, and it brought a big boost to our summer grass. The cover crops are starting to flourish also. I had been moving the brood cows around trying to salvage getting into our winter hay supply. The Fescue has really started growing again, and the forage looks much more productive here at the end of the month.

The harvest has been good/fair. Most crop farmers in our area are towards the second half of combining by now, if not the tail end. I have heard of yields across the board, with nobody setting records on either end. We all are hoping the price will strengthen a bit as we get to the end of fall harvest.

The brood cows are on their last couple of weeks of CTC cubes. So far, the Annaplasmosis has been idle this season. We are hoping by force feeding CTC for 60 days through the stress of the summer will help subside it. I know this will be a summer that I won’t forget. Our crew shows up about 30 minutes before daylight every day to get ahead of the heat and have the cows fed before they are hunting shade. As we are waiting for the first brink of light, we sit on the deck of the bunkhouse and discuss personal, local, and national issues while we solve the world’s problems. Every day, rain or shine, heat or chill, nobody has missed a beat. As we look back and reminisce, this is what I will remember about this year. The morning chats and discussions we have before we start the day. Production Agriculture can be a vicious grind. This includes crops and livestock. It is always healthy to find a moment of peace somewhere in the middle of the everyday battles we share as tractor jockeys and cowpokes. Our moments at Slykhuis Farms come with family, early in the mornings, before chore time.

Todd Slykhuis

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