October 2018 Agri-News Article

The fall colors in the trees are really starting to show up here in Southern Illinois. The days are getting shorter and the cooler air has triggered the season to get in full swing. We have had enough rainfall to help extend the growing season, and our pastures are really looking productive. Harvest has come to an end. It is good to get another crop season behind us. There are several farmers still doing some fall tillage, but the fields are mostly empty.

The cows all came through this past month for pregnancy check and fall worming. There were a few more open cows than normal, which was somewhat expected. I had a bull that was injured halfway through the breeding season, and I knew that we would probably miss a few that cycled towards the end. We have decided to put some embryos in the open cows this year. We seldom ever keep any open cows. The embryos will give some of the younger cows a chance to possibly work back in the herd. I have considered possibly starting a fall calving season, but I am not to that point just yet. We will see how the embryo calves do and go from there.

The feeding crew has ended the hand feeding of the CTC and so far, we have kept the Annaplasmosis in submission. The brood herd came out of the treatment a bit fleshier than they probably needed too, but you must take the bad with the good. If we can get through the year without losing any from the disease, then it is a win. I would sure welcome any feedback from other producers on their experience with Annaplas and different ways they have kept it under control.

Todd Slykhuis

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