May Agri-News Article

Another month down the tube and it seems like the same ole song and dance, more rain and mud. It was Memorial Day weekend before anyone in our neck of the woods had any chance at all to plant a seed of corn. Even that weekend was a short-lived window to get any work done. We finally have gotten some summer like temperatures to help bring the soil back around quicker after a rain shower. Hit and miss, there has been some seed put in the ground this first week of June. The planting that I have done has been on marginally dry soil overtop of mud. We haven’t been running the tillage tools very deep at all. It seems like this has been with us since last November. I am sure it will dry up soon, but we are going into the summer with plenty of moisture and ponds that are running over.

The grass is flourishing, and the cows are fat as the town cat. With the warm air and rain, the lawnmowers are struggling to keep up. The pastures are thriving as well. The bulls came home from the end of breeding season last week and I believe most on them gained weight throughout the 2 months. The AI conception rates were higher than normal, from the 30-day preg check via a blood test. The boys didn’t seem too disappointed from lack of work. They sank back into their summer pasture and are ready for some idle time. The cows are on idle as well, with most all the calf cropped weaned off, and put on a grower ration.

The hay crop has been moderate to fair so far. Only a handful of producers have put up any dry hay to this point, and they did that with a wet forecast that cleared out. We have made it through two rounds of high moisture hay and so far, the harvest has been shorter than normal. The cool weather played a tribute to most of this. We hope the third cut can make up some of the difference.

Todd Slykhuis

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