June Agri-News Article

June ended with some summertime heat that we have been waiting on all year. We are still in the “hit and miss” showers that have pledged us for sometime now, but we have finally had the opportunity to put up some dry hay. The quality has been terrible, but the quantity has been good. It’s hard to achieve both of these aspects. The later it gets in the season, the value starts to diminish quickly. It is another issue that has came along with this wild weather of 2019. We are fortunate to have the forages, regardless of the value. Everyone knows what it is like to have to buy hay in an area that has no hay. The pastures are green and still very active. That is a great aspect on the first week of July. We logged in just shy of 9 inches of rain in June. That has kept the tall fescue growing through the summer heat. We have had many challenges this year with crops and forages, but have much to be thankful for. Our water supply has been great and the animals have had plenty to eat. Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good.

The brood cows are on idle for the summer. We finished weaning the later born calves early in June and they are all on a grower ration. The steers stayed inside and the heifers are out on pasture. This will allow me to push the finishing animals a bit harder and keep from getting my production heifers too fat. The feeding crew hand feeds the heifers a grower ration. This allows us to be amongst them everyday to help keep them quiet and develop into a soon to be cow.

Todd Slykhuis

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